Thursday, 24 January 2013

Malaga vs bercelona Spain - Copa Del Rey Live Video

Barcelona very good position to win the League has been drawn., Even lose the last match of the group with 8 points out of that space is still available in the interval., But Garden Look-rays on the first follow-house team of Malaga - The Writing of the draw was the most difficult test every barsake being. Malaga one of the most difficult group of the Spanish parties. Moreover, it is eoye Post No facility of getting off the field. least 1-1 draw in Malaga Writing away in the next round. while Barcelona to go to the next round draw will take at least 3-3 Writing. the review has no require  match it will be won.
If the match - the match is a draw, extra time tiebreaker Writing can.

Match Schedule:
Match Start Time: 25/01/2013 ,  03:00 am (GMT + 6:00)
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